The 4 key benefits of learning in groups

  1. Groups will lead to many differing perspectives.

I use groups in my classes (these days virtually) as they allow students to connect on a different, more personal level. I never require group projects as I have some issues with them (in the humanities classes I did all the work, in anything else I was able to pass with little effort).

2. Group work simulates "real world" communications.

It is unlikely that our students will all go into a career where they will not communicate with other people on a consistent basis. It is important for students to learn these soft skills as they promote success in and out of the classroom.

3. Groups create a low stakes environment that welcomes failure.

Failure is part of learning, a huge part. Students working in groups are more confident in their ideas when it is a shared idea and it is less of an ego hit if they are wrong collectively. This is often experienced in the games students play in my classes.

4. Sometimes all it takes is a break from the instructor for students to learn...

This one may seem odd, but I have found that group discussion gives students an agency in their work and provides for a learning community that is not centered on instruction, but instead communal interactions.

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